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The Fez supports artists of many types, both musically and visually. The Artist in Residence Program allows us to proudly showcase local artists in our restaurant through exhibition in our dining room. The restaurant, moderate in size, offers an intimate viewing. Most important, our space offers excellent exposure with a steady stream of new patrons.  The Fez seats at least 700 people per week.  
The Fez truly enjoys the collaboration between artist and restaurant!  Download our Artist in Residence Information Sheet.              
Upcoming Artist in Residence: Heidi Lewis Coleman, details below.

Artist in Residence— Heidi Lewis Coleman, presenting:
"Color and Confections" 

“Color & Confections” by Heidi Lewis Coleman April 17th – June 3rd 
Heidi Lewis Coleman is an abstract artist whose work reflects an ongoing exploration into the aesthetics of using language in art.  The exhibition at The Fez presents a dramatic story of texture through color, incorporating deep hues balanced by contrasting bright and dark forms and patterns. For purchase information contact Heidi Lewis Coleman -

While most conceptual artists incorporate text into their work as a means of analyzing popular culture or for making political and social commentary, Coleman’s work focuses on developing text as a visual design element.  Heidi creates mixed media pieces and steel sculpture which incorporate her own automatic, abstract writing.  Originally, her invented languages were painted on paper, cut out and then applied to a painted canvas. More recently, she has extended this process by incorporating “Mandalas” into her art, circular forms which were originally used by the Hindus and Buddhists as focal points for meditation. 
Coleman studied art at Parsons and the New York School of Design in New York City.  She is a juried member of the National Association of Women Artists, the Women’s Caucus for Art and the Silvermine Guild of Artists.  Coleman is an award winning artist who has exhibited widely in galleries and museums across the country. 
Heidi Lewis Coleman

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