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The Fez supports artists of many types, both musically and visually. The Artist in Residence Program allows us to proudly showcase local artists in our restaurant through exhibition in our dining room. The restaurant, moderate in size, offers an intimate viewing. Most important, our space offers excellent exposure with a steady stream of new patrons.  The Fez seats at least 350 people per week.  
The Fez truly enjoys the collaboration between artist and restaurant!  Download our Artist in Residence Information Sheet.

Current Artist in Residence: KARNIE PAPA KAT
Exhibition runs: October 17th—January 7th, 2017
Oil and canvas is the setting, rich tones serve to create the mood and thought encouraging color-scapes combined with poetry finish the sensation of this artist's goal: To make you feel the art. Karnie's creativity stirs the emotions and senses with his gift of the brush.
Sympathy for the Devil, The Fallen By Karnie Papa Kat
Sympathy for the Devil, The Fallen, a body of work that depicts the underworld of our consciousness. Artist, Karnie Papa works in many mediums, but his first love is oil. His affinity for oil and large canvas clearly shines in the exhibition at The Fez. Many of his pieces include original poems written by the artist himself, captivating his audience and granting them intimate access to look deeper into each layer of his work. Read and observe, let the written word and visual indulgence overcome you. 
 Karnie Papa, a Stamford resident all his life, comes from 5 generations of Stamford natives. At an early age of seven, he picked up a brush and started working on his craft. Anytime the opportunity presented itself, Karnie would be sketching or painting, perfecting every stroke. Over the years, strong in the art community, he was a long-time member of the Loft Art Association of Stamford. Additionally, Karnie studied at Silvermine Arts Center of Norwalk, CT.
Karnie works in many mediums, oil being his favorite. His work is built on many layers and each piece tells a story, literally. There is a fabulous collection of wonderful poetry that corresponds to each piece, allowing his audience a chance to delve deeper into his paintings. 
Karnie’s work is hanging with many private collectors, as well as being displayed in many restaurants in downtown Stamford, CT.  Interested in Karnie's work? Contact him via Facebook or call him at (203) 918 - 9190.

Karnie Papa Kat

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