Band Booking

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THE FEZ SHOW INFO:                                                                                    
Load in: Please load in at 4pm or at the very least 1 hour before you play. If you are set up before 5pm there will be a sound check, otherwise there will just be a line check before your first song. Load in through the main entrance. If you show up before the venue is open and cannot get in please call at 203-324-3391 or 203-223-4450 so we can have someone let you in. 

THE FEZ Back-line: Drums are a four piece kit with hardware and a snare. Bands MUST bring their own cymbals, pedal, high-hat and stands. Bands are NOT required to use the house kit. WE REQUIRE ALL BANDS  WITH DRUMS TO USE OUR DRUM BAFFLE-SHIELD. We also have one VHT 1x12" cabinet, and one VHT 2x 12" cabinet, a Direct Input box, and three solid working mics. Bands may bring all of their own gear as well - they do not have to use the club's back-line if they do not want to. The Fez’s PA has separate mains and monitors, and our stage snake has 8 xlr inputs which can provide phantom power, if needed. To save time with setup, please send your stage plot and in-put list the week of the show to: [email protected] 

WE REQUIRE ALL BANDS WITH DRUMS TO USE OUR DRUM SHIELD. The Fez implements the use of a clear sound shield baffle around the drum kit. All bands are required to use the sound baffle.

Set Length: Minimum of one-hour

Payment: There is no cover charge, therefore first time bookings get Food & Beverage for the band only. Booking rates for subsequent shows are based on attendance at prior shows and are negotiated at time of booking. 

Local Policy: We respectfully ask that you take care not to book locally in Stamford within 4-weeks of playing at The Fez. Market and fan saturation can hinder attendance numbers. Our goal is to promote live music and create a success for all!

Promotion: Please note there is a limited built-in crowd at this club and all bands are expected to list the show on all your web-sites, FaceBook, all social media, etc. and to invite all your fan-base and friends to come to the show. The better your draw the more shows The Fez can give you in the future. We will promote your show through our web-site, social media, e-mail blasts, and other media.  If you have websites, FaceBook pages, ReverbNation sites, etc., please e-mail links to [email protected], and we will link to one or more of these in our promotional activities. Be sure to add as a "Public Event" on your Facebook page and we will in turn share the event on The Fez Calendar. We encourage all bands to either drop off or mail in posters that we can display on location to promote your show.

Entertainment  Forms:  All bands are required to sign and return a copy of the Agreement & Registration Form and W9 if indicated.

Entertainment Agreement & Registration Form                    W9