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10 Best Flea Medications for Cats Reviewed (In 2020)

While fleas are more of an issue with dogs than with cats, they’re still something pet owners should keep their eyes open for. Fleas are a very common and very inconvenient occurrence that can happen at any time. It’s easy enough to treat your pet for fleas at home, so if you notice them scratching or see fleas jumping off of their fur, it’s time to get your hands on a treatment method.

Keep reading to find the ten best flea medications for cats on the market today.

10 Best Flea Medications for Cats In 2020

1. Bayer Advantage II

Best Flea Medications for Cats - Bayer Animal Health Advantage II

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Taking the coveted first place spot in our buying guide is this high-quality and effective option from Bayer. This product comes in several different dosage options from one dose all the way to six doses so you can pick how many you think you’ll need to protect your pet from fleas.

Easy to Apply
This product works both as a preventative and as a treatment for fleas. It’s extremely easy to use as it comes in pre-measured application tubes to make treatment an absolute breeze.

Works on Contact
Other flea medications on the market only work once the flea has bitten your animal. This product, however, kills flea on contact, meaning they won’t have a chance to bite your cat before the treatment starts working.

Cost and Value
This medication is available at a fair price, especially considering how effective it is at killing fleas and preventing them in the first place.


  • Fragrance-free
  • Kills fleas in different life stages
  • Convenient to use
  • Vet recommended


  • May wear off earlier than expected

2. Bayer Seresto

Best Flea Medications for Cats - Seresto

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If you prefer longer-lasting protection from fleas and ticks, consider this collar from Bayer. This product is designed to provide eight months of continuous protection.

Easy to Use
The collar is a great choice for busy pet parents as you don’t need to continue applying ointment or medication. Simply put the collar on your cat and let it do its magic. Change the collar out in eight months’ time if necessary to keep fleas at bay.

Works Fast
This treatment is fast-acting. Like the previous product in our guide, it kills fleas and ticks on contact so you don’t need to wait for them to bite your pet for the treatment to work. It also starts to repel and kill bugs within 24 hours of putting the collar on your cat.

Cost and Value
This simple to use flea treatment is available at a very affordable price. We loved that the collar is a no-mess solution to tick and flea problems.


  • Works fast
  • Continuous release
  • Easy to put on
  • No smell


  • Some cats have a negative reaction to the collar

3. Frontline Plus

Best Flea Medications for Cats - Frontline Plus

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This fast-acting flea treatment from Frontline Plus is a waterproof solution to your cat’s flea and tick issues. It’s approved for use in cats that are 1.5 pounds or over, making it a great pick for pet owners who have small kittens with flea problems.

Works for More Than Just Fleas
This product is designed to kill fleas, flea eggs, lice, and even ticks. It features fipronil and (s)-methoprene as the main ingredients so you can ensure that all your kitty’s bugs are taken care of no matter where they are in their lifecycle.

Easy to Apply
While not as simple as just putting a flea collar on your pet, we still think this treatment is easy to apply. Open the applicator and part your pet’s fur between their shoulder blades. Squeeze the contents of the applicator directly onto their skin, avoiding the top of their coat.

Cost and Value
This product is priced a little higher than most of the others in our guide, but we loved its high-quality construction so much, we had to include it on our list. It does come in several dosage options – 3 doses, 6 doses, or 8 doses – so you can save a bit of money by choosing a fewer amount of doses.


  • Easy to apply
  • Comes with stickers to put on your calendar to remind you when the next dosage is due
  • Great for ticks and fleas
  • Effective


  • Comes in a lot of packaging which can be wasteful

4. Capstar Fast-Acting

Best Flea Medications for Cats - Capstar Fast-Acting

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Next up in our list is this six dose oral flea treatment from Capstar. This treatment works as fast as 30 minutes after application, making it a must-have for pet owners who don’t want to have to wait for the medication to kick in.

Capstar claims that one of their tablets kills 90% of fleas in as little as six hours. If you’re looking for the fastest way to rid your pet of fleas, this is the treatment you need.

Easy to Administer
No rubbing messy ointments onto your pet’s fur or annoying them with collars around their necks. This treatment comes in tablet form meaning you’ll have to give your cat the tablet in their mouth, but once it’s swallowed you can expect it to start working almost right away.

Cost and Value
This medication is priced on the lower end of the spectrum in comparison to other products on our list. We loved that it’s an easy to administer option, especially if you have experience giving your cat medication already.


  • Works fast
  • Watch the fleas literally drop off your pets
  • Contains six doses


  • Does require a bit of patience in administering the pill if your cat refuses to eat it in their food

5. Hartz UltraGuard Pro

Best Flea Medications for Cats - Hartz UltraGurard

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This product is an easy-to-use topical treatment to fight your cat’s flea and tick problems. It’s perfect for cats with both long and short coats, making it a great option no matter the breed of your cats.

Easy to Use
The patented applicator is angled and features rounded edges that allow you to get the medication where it needs to go – directly on their skin.

Three Treatments
This budget-friendly medication comes with three monthly treatments, ensuring you have enough flea-killing power to tackle your cat’s infestation.

Cost and Value
We were surprised to see just how affordable this medication is. In fact, this is the cheapest treatment in our buying guide today. If you’re on a tight budget and want to provide your pet with some relief, you need to invest in this product.


  • Kills fleas in all their life stages
  • Kills ticks
  • Repels mosquitoes
  • Prevents reinfestation


6. PetArmor Plus

Best Flea Medications for Cats - PetArmor

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This topical treatment from PetArmor is an effective and waterproof treatment designed to prevent and kill fleas in all their life stages and ticks. This vet-quality formula comes with three or six doses so you can ensure long-lasting results.

Break the Life Cycle
The key to getting rid of fleas is to disrupt their life cycle. While other treatments on the market focus solely on killing adult fleas, this treatment works by killing their eggs and larvae so they won’t return once the adults die.

Tick Protection
No one wants their pet or family members to get the devastating Lyme disease. Your cat can unknowingly bring the disease-carrying ticks into your home. This treatment will protect them (and your human housemates) from several types of ticks so you won’t need to worry about Lyme disease.

Cost and Value
While this isn’t the most cost-effective medicine we’re reviewing, it is a high-quality option that you should still consider despite the slightly higher price tag. It provides up to three months of flea protection so you’re getting along of bang for your buck.


  • Stops reinfestation
  • Easy to apply
  • Protects against ticks and lice, too
  • Not a terrible scent


  • Some reports of applicator tubes arriving empty

7. Advecta Plus

Best Flea Medications for Cats - Advecta

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This squeeze-on treatment from Advecta is a fast-acting medicine that’s convenient and simple to use. It’s full of active ingredients that are found in higher-end flea medication but available for a fraction of the cost.

Prevent and Treat
This product is great because it works as both a preventative measure against fleas and as a treatment if your pet already has them.

One of the downsides of flea medicines is that they’re often very smelly. That makes the application annoying for both you and your pet. This product, however, is actually fragrance-free, meaning you won’t need to deal with a smelly cat after application.

Cost and Value
This is another relatively affordable flea medicine to consider. We love that it’s available in a four-month supply, providing a lot of treatment for a very little upfront cost.


  • Strong ingredients
  • Waterproof
  • Breaks the flea life cycle
  • Easy to apply


  • May not be effective against ticks

8. Cheristin Long Lasting

Best Flea Medications for Cats - Cheristin

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If you’re looking for a luxury flea medication (if there even is such a thing), look no further than Cheristin for Cats. This medicine is designed specifically for use on felines, unlike others on the market which are marketed towards cats and dogs.

Works in 30 Minutes
You’ll want to get rid of fleas the second you spot them on your pet or in your home. While no product on the market works that fast (yet), this medication comes pretty close. Its fast-acting formula works in as little as 30 minutes, providing you with the satisfaction of knowing your home will be flea-free soon.

Not only does this medication work fast, but it lasts longer, too. A single dose will prevent fleas for up to six weeks. The manufacturer does recommend you apply it monthly, which is not a problem because the package comes with six doses to get you through.

Cost and Value
As we mentioned in the introduction, this product is higher-end so you should expect a slightly higher price tag to reflect that. The higher cost may be worth your while, though, if the thought of sharing your home with fleas gives you the heebie-jeebies. That 30-minute killing window may the price tag worth it.


  • Non-greasy solution
  • Great for most cat sizes (1.8 lbs and up)
  • Active ingredient is not bad for the environment
  • Kills 80-100% of fleas in 12 hours


9. Catego 3 Dose

Best Flea Medications for Cats - Catego

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If you don’t have a budget for high-end flea medication, this budget-friendly treatment from Catego might be more your style. This solution is said to kill fleas within six hours of application.

Simple to Apply
The applicator is very easy to apply and helps to minimize the risk of abrasions on your cats skin.

Goodbye Bugs
Not only does this affordable medicine work on adult fleas, but also their eggs, larvae, lice, and even ticks. We were quite surprised to see how well-rounded this treatment is given its relatively low price tag.

Cost and Value
As we’ve already mentioned, this treatment is available at a price that’ll be very appealing for your wallet. It comes in a single pack, 3-pack, or 6-pack so you can choose the option that best suits your needs.


  • Works in six hours
  • Quick-drying
  • Works for 4 weeks
  • Easy to use


  • Some cats have had an adverse reaction to the formula

10. TevraPet ActiSpot II

Best Flea Medications for Cats - TevraPet ActiSpot II

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Last but not least is this topical flea prevention treatment from TevraPet. This formula features the same ingredients as higher-end medications on the market, but at a price that’s much more budget-friendly.

Six Months Flea-Free
This medicine contains six applicators for six months of flea prevention. It works to repel fleas and breaks down their life cycle so they won’t return. We loved that the fleas don’t have to bite your pets in order to ingest the medicine and die as it works on contact.

Different Size Options
Flea treatment is not a one-size-fits-all process. This manufacturer recognizes that and offers two treatments for different sizes of pets – cats that are between 5 and 9 pounds and cats that are 9 pounds and up.

Cost and Value
While not the cheapest medication on our list, this product is still fairly priced considering you’re getting six doses. If you’re on the fence about spending the extra money on a name brand treatment, buy this one instead to get the same ingredients for a fraction of the cost.


  • Waterproof
  • Simple application
  • Affordable price
  • Works fast


Our Conclusion

When you’re dealing with fleas or ticks in the home, you want the best flea medication for your cats on hand. We are confident in recommending the above ten products to you today. Any of these medications should work in treating your cat’s flea problem.

Don’t forget that it’s not enough to just treat your pet and hope the fleas don’t return. You will need to do a thorough clean of your home and even use flea bombs to keep the infestation from returning.

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