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10 Best Litter Mats for Cats Reviewed in 2020

One of the biggest complaints that we hear all the time from cat owners is about the litter box. Whether it’s how annoying it is having to clean it every day several times a day or how frustrating it is to step on litter as it gets everywhere in a cat-friendly household. Lucky for you, we can help you out with that second complaint.

Litter mats for cats are designed to be used around the litter box areas of your home. Simply put your cat’s box on top of the mat and see just how quickly you’ll notice a marked improvement in the litter tracking around your home.

We’ve compiled a list of the ten best mats on the market today. Take a read through to find one (or two) that is best suited for your home and your kitty’s needs.

10 Best Litter Mats For Cats in 2020

1. Gorilla Grip

Best Litter Mats for Cats - Gorilla Grip

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First up on our list is this premium mat from Gorilla Grip. Its extra-large size and deep grooves make it an ideal companion for the litter boxes around your home.

High-Quality Durability
Gorilla Grip is a company known for its extremely durable household and pet products. This litter mat is no exception to that rule. Its anti-slip design means it’ll stay put even in households with the most destructive kitties.

Gentle on Paws
Other mats on the market use materials that are uncomfortable under little kitty feet. Cats hate this feeling and will do anything they can to ensure they don’t touch the mat. This leads to litter spray all over your room. This mat, however, is made of a super soft material that’s extra gentle on sensitive paws. Your kitty won’t go out of their way to avoid it, and may even enjoy the feeling of the material under their feet.

Cost and Value
This is one of the pricier options in our buying guide, but we found it to be the most durable and effective, making it more than worth the investment. Its large size (35”x23”) means your kitty will have a tough time making a litter mess when they leave the box.


  • Simple to clean
  • Can remove litter from paws
  • Non-slip backing
  • 10-year warranty


  • Does have a bit of a chemical smell when you first receive it

2. PetFusion SmartGrip

Best Litter Mats for Cats - Petfusion

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This PVC mat has tiny grooves on it that work to catch the litter as your cat enters and exits the litter box. It’s extra soft for sensitive paws so your kitty won’t avoid stepping on it once they’re done doing their business.

Stops Litter Spread
Isn’t stopping litter spread the exact reason you want a litter mat in the first place? Of course, it is. The difference between this mat and others on the list is that it stops the littering from spreading, but it doesn’t trap the litter inside the mat, making it darn near impossible to remove it.

Easy to Clean
Since the littler stays on top of the mats surface, this product is an absolute breeze to clean. You can use a broom or a handheld pet vacuum to remove the litter. Easy peasy.

Cost and Value
This mat is priced competitively with the others in our guide. We loved that it comes in three different colors to suit your decor and its large (35”x24”) size to ensure litter scatter is kept to a minimum.


  • Easy to clean
  • Can reuse the litter that’s on the mat by folding it in half and pouring it back into the box
  • Provides a nice amount of coverage
  • Great customer service team


  • Not cat-scratch resistant

3. Pawkin

LItter Mats For Cats - Pawkin

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This extra-large mat uses a unique mesh technology to trap litter before it has a chance to fall onto your floors. It’s comfortable for your cat to walk on so they won’t search for ways to avoid stepping onto the mat on their way out of the box.

A Vacuumer’s Delight
This product is a breeze to vacuum. Simply run your pet-friendly vacuum on top of the mat while you’re busy cleaning your flooring and it’ll look brand new. You can also shake the mat out outside if you so wish. Either way, cleaning it off is a breeze.

Deep Mesh
No one likes the feeling of cat litter under their feet. That’s why this mat is made using a deep mesh material so any and all litter that your kitty tries to track around the house will get stuck in the mat before it can land on your floors.

Cost and Value
This product is priced similarly to the other options on our list. We loved its extra-large size and unique mesh material.


  • Can be cleaned with dish soap and hosed off
  • Soft for kitty to walk on
  • Great customer service
  • Heavyweight


  • Can hold onto scents if your kitty urinates on it

4. iPrimio

Litter Mats For Cats - iPrimio

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Let’s take a look at something completely different, shall we? This mat from iPrimio is available in three different sizes and has a double-layered design that sets it apart from the other options on the market today.

Unique Design
The mat features extra-large holes that the litter will fall into as your cat exits their box. You can then simply peel back the top layer when you clean the litter box and drop the scattered litter back into the box to be reused. This will save you money in the long-run and creates less waste as well.

Smooth Surface
Don’t let its looks fool you. The holes on the top of this mat are very smooth and most kitties aren’t bothered or put off by the feeling of the mat.

Cost and Value
This is the most expensive litter catcher on our list, but for good reason. Its patent-pending design is unlike any other mats on our list. If you have a messy kitty and hate pouring all that good litter into the garbage can when you sweep, this product is a no brainer.


  • Cuts down on litter waste
  • Three sizes to choose from
  • Can use puppy pads between layers to absorb urine
  • Easy to clean


5. LittleTiger

Best Litter Mats for Cats - Littletiger

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Next up is this non-slip and waterproof mat from LittleTiger. This great product is a cinch to clean and provides an extra-large space for your kitty to scatter their litter.

Large Size
This mat is 47” x 36”. This large size ensures that any litter your kitty tries to take out of the box with them will land on the mat instead of on your floor and all over your home.

This product has been independently laboratory tested and is phthalate-free. You wouldn’t want to bring something toxic into your home around your family and your pets. It’s made with a safe PVC material that won’t harm anything living in your home.

Cost and Value
While the price is a bit higher than some of the other options in our guide, this mat still earned a place in our top ten list simply because of its high-quality construction. The manufacturer also offers a lifetime warranty so you literally have nothing to lose by purchasing this product.


  • Simple to clean
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Vacuums easily
  • Heavy-duty construction


  • Can be difficult to clean up messes on the mat if the cat mistakes it for their litter box

6. Mighty Monkey

Best Litter Mats For Cats - Mighty Monkey

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If you’re looking for a more aesthetic litter mat, look no further than our next product. This mat comes in a variety of colors so you’ll never have to worry about your mat taking away from the decor in your home.

Deep Grooves
Don’t let the basic look of this mat deter you. Sure, it might look the same as other options on our list, but it’s very different in several ways. This product features very deep grooves and thick coils to help catch litter scatter. These ⅓” thick grooves not only capture the litter but traps it as well. Other mats on the market might catch the pebbles, but don’t trap them as well as this option from Mighty Monkey.

10-Year Guarantee
We were quite surprised to see that the manufacturer offers a ten-year no-hassle guarantee for their product. We respect a company that stands behind their product so wholeheartedly that they can provide great guarantees like this.

Cost and Value
This product is priced a little bit less than most of the others in our guide. We believe the guarantee coupled with the high-quality construction makes this mat a force to be reckoned with.


  • Backing is slip-resistant
  • Easy and soft on paws
  • Easy to clean off
  • Extra large size


  • Not water (or urine) proof

7. CleanHouse

Best Litter Mats for Cats - Cleanhouse

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This pawprint-adorned non-slip litter mat is a great addition to your home if you’re a family on a tight budget. Its unique mesh design work sto capture litter and stop it from spreading throughout your home.

Easy to Clean
Shake the mat over the top of your litter box to redeposit litter scatter back where it belongs. You can also wash this product without destroying the integrity of the materials used to construct it.

There’s nothing worse for pets than bringing items into your home that are toxic and not made of pet-friendly materials. This mat is BPA and phthalate-free so you can feel good about using it around your fur babies (and human babies, too).

Cost and Value
This is one of the most affordable options in our buying guide. We love that the manufacturer offers a 100% money-back guarantee for life. This means you have absolutely nothing to lose when you purchase this mat.


  • Non-slip design
  • Catches litter off paws
  • Soft on kitty’s feet
  • Easy to clean


8. PetSafe ScoopFree

Litter Mats For Cats - PetSafe Cat Litter Mat

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Think of this next product as a red carpet for your kitty. It’s smaller than other options on our buying guide, making it a perfect pick for people with a small litter box area.

Great for Compact Areas
If you have only one cat, you need just a small litter box. If your litter box is small, you don’t need a three-foot-wide litter mat taking up precious space in your home. This mat is just 21” x 19” in size, making it a perfect choice for anyone working with a small litter box space.

Comfortable for Kitty
The spongy design of this mat is both soft and comfortable for your kitty’s paws. Don’t let its soft construction fool you though, it’s still highly effective at its job of stopping litter scatter.

Cost and Value
This item is priced similarly to most of the others on our list. We loved that it provides a more compact solution for smaller homes.


  • Compatible with any litter box
  • Durable mat
  • Easy to clean off
  • Pulls litter off paws


9. PetLike

Best Litter Mats for Cats - Petlike

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This ornate litter mat is a perfect pick for anyone not wanting to sacrifice style when it comes to preventing litter scatter. It features a beautiful flourish design that will complement any home.

Colors Galore
You don’t have to settle for a gray litter mat if you don’t want to. This product comes in ten different color options from light grey to purple to blue and anything in between.

Lab Tested
The manufacturer performed independent lab testing on this mat to ensure that it’s safe for use in your home. It’s phthalate and BPA free and is therefore non-toxic and very safe to use around your pets.

Cost and Value
This is the most affordable litter mat on our list. We loved that it comes in different colors and sizes so you can choose the option that best suits your home’s decor.


  • Two sizes
  • Easy to shake off or vacuum
  • Water-resistant design
  • Non-slip


  • May not be a great pick for a multi-cat household

10. WePet

Best Litter Mats For Cats - WePet

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The final product in our buying guide works a lot like the iPrimio option we reviewed above. It features two layers and opens up on the inside to make cleaning a breeze.

Color and Size Options
Unlike the iPrimio product, this one from WePet is available in several different color options. Choose between beige, black, brown, light blue, light grey, pink, and light black. You can also choose between three different sizes – 30” x 25”, 35” x 23”, and 45” x 35.”

Unique Design
This mat features a double layer design that works to trap 90% of litter scatter between its layers. It’s water and urine resistant, making it a great pick for households where kitty’s find it hard to differentiate between the litter box and the litter mat.

Cost and Value
This product is priced a bit higher than average, but we think its unique design makes the slightly higher price tag worthwhile.


  • Made with eco-friendly materials
  • Very easy to clean
  • Non-toxic
  • Easy to find the right color/size for your needs


  • Arrives a little misshapen

Our Conclusion

No one likes the feeling of litter pebbles under their feet or embedded into their carpets, rugs, or bedding. That’s what makes these litter mats so irreplaceable. Buy one for each of the litter boxes in your home and soon you’ll remember what it feels like to walk with bare feet around your home without cat litter sticking to your tootsies.

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