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Are there vets for spiders?

There are a variety of weird and wonderful pets available nowadays, including exotic birds, reptiles and even giant rodents called Capybaras! However, what about pet spiders? There are tarantulas, jumping spiders and orb weavers that are all popular within the arachnid keeper community. Let’s look at the wonderful world of spiders and see if there is veterinary treatment available for them.

Is there a spider vet?

This is a tricky one as most veterinary practices will not be able to offer treatment for spiders. Spiders that require medical attention will need to visit a specialist – yes, there are vets who deal with invertebrates! – and it is likely that a specialist will not be local to your current practice.

What to do if you need spider care advice?

If you need help with your spider’s care or health, then it may be best to explore options that are more accessible to you. It is likely to be easier to get the information you require from online sources rather than travelling to a specialist. 

If you are worried about your spider’s health and require immediate attention, then do not let them suffer. Speak with your veterinary practice to discuss your options.

VetHelpDirect Database

If you do need to see a specialist, then the VetHelpDirect database may be a good first port of call. The directory allows you to filter local veterinary practices by using your postcode, as well as selecting what animal you need treating. 

Using the filter of ‘Zoological’ or ‘other’ may list veterinary practices which could be able to offer assistance. If they are unable to help, they may be able to point you in the right direction of someone who can.

Online forums

Online forums are a great way to find the information you require. Offering a wealth of knowledge from across the world, forums connect pet owners to each other, allowing them to exchange care advice and handy tips. 

Keep in mind that advice from online sources should not always be fully trusted. And information from a variety of sources should be compared.

Arachnoboard – Arachnoboard is a forum designated to spider husbandry and care, with some boards exceeding 40,000 posts! If you need spider advice, this is the forum to go to.

Tarantula Forum – Consisting of over 13,000 members, Tarantula Forum offers a wealth of knowledge in terms of spider husbandry, care and breeding.

Reptile Forum UK – Reptile Forum UK brings together almost 500,000 posts which discuss the care and health of a variety of exotic pets, including (inconsistently but helpfully!) spiders. 

Pet Store/Supplier

In most cases, the pet store or supplier that you originally purchased your spider from may be able to help. Spider breeders and stores have a plenty of knowledge when it comes to looking after spiders. Any reputable spider owner will be happy to help with any questions or problems that you may have.

Contact your local zoo

Local zoos may be able to help you with spider care if they house a range of different arachnids. Zoos may also have a vet that they use for advice on their exotic animals, so they may be able to put you in contact with someone who would be able to help you further.

Zoo keepers may be able to help you with advice on certain conditions, as it is likely that one of their spiders will have suffered from an ailment, such as having trouble moulting. Have a chat with a couple of zoos to see if they can give you any advice.

The library

Remember that place that keeps all the books? The library! Whilst it is easy to find any information you need on the web (pun intended!), your local library may be a great port of call for exotic animal health. Offering a range of books which may not be available online, the library may have the answer you need!

Speak with a librarian and they should be able to do a search and tell you where to find books on spider health and husbandry.

Final thoughts on spider vets

Whilst it may be difficult to find treatment for your spider, you should be able to find advice somewhere, whether it’s online, from your veterinary practice or from a spider supplier. 

In general, exotic care is a specialised field that requires specific training and knowledge. You may find that you have to compare a number of different resources and information before deciding how to pursue medical care for your eight-legged friend.

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