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Can you get gravestones for pets?

Losing a pet is a difficult time, none of us are prepared for that day. Sadly it is something we will all experience as pet owners. It may be a decision we have to make ourselves or a quiet passing, either way, it is never easy. Everyone will grieve differently, some may view the pet as a family member whilst others may not, everyone thinks differently – and that’s fine. Some may choose to have their pet’s ashes back, some may choose not to, whilst others may want a home burial. There is no right or wrong answer. We have to do what we feel is right. 

The important part is if we are unsure on what next steps to take then take some time out and wait for a decision, don’t make a quick decision and regret it. There are several different memorial options you can purchase to remember your pet by. Let’s discuss some of these.

Can I have a memorial for my pet?

Of course you can. It is a great way to remember our pets. It is totally down to the individual and how they want to remember their pet. Memorials can be in the house or out in the garden, maybe your pet’s favourite spot. We have to do what we feel is a nice way to remember our precious pets. 

Can you get gravestones for pets? 

The answer is yes, of course you can. These are a great idea for a memorial. They can also be brought in all different shapes and sizes and have almost anything written on them, they are often made of slate, so they can withstand the weather. They can be used in the garden, maybe where your dog or cat is buried, or placed where their favourite spot was. Some people decided to bury their pet’s ashes then use a gravestone on top of that area. They might not appeal to everyone but it’s personal and a great way to remember our pets by. A gravestone can also be in the form of a grave marker a bit like these ones. A picture of your pet can be engraved on them. 

Memorial plants

If a pet’s body or their ashes have been buried, purchasing a small tree or a plant to place on top of the grave is a nice way of remembering our pets. Every time the flower blooms you’ll remember your pet. For example, forget-me-nots are lovely memorial plants. 

Paw prints and fur clippings

Paw prints are a lovely memorial. These are often done in practice, a nurse often does them. They involve making an impression from your pet’s paw on some special foam or clay. Ink paw prints are also a popular idea, these can then be placed in a frame, every time you see the paw print you will remember your pet. Taking fur clippings is often a popular idea too, we can keep this in a keepsake. It may be in jewellery, or a bottle or a memorial stone. A lot of these can be found just by googling or looking on websites like Etsy or pet crematorium sites. 


This option is very popular these days. Pets’ ashes can be placed in charms, rings or necklaces. These are a lovely way of keeping your pet near you all the time. These can again be purchased online or some pet crematoriums may also do them. 

Any or all of the above are powerful reminders – so don’t be surprised if grief catches you by surprise sometimes

Everyone grieves in different ways. It is important to surround yourself with support during this sad time. If you feel you’re struggling and need some extra support there’s always someone to help. The Blue Cross have a wonderful pet bereavement page, you can read for some support and also talk to a member of their team. Taking time out to remember our pets is very important though – remember, we will always have great memories of them.

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